There’s No Substitute For Real: A Home Improvement Film Series

There’s No Substitute for Real Film Series

Wood, Naturally had the privilege of sitting down with four talented pros working in carpentry and design to chat about their individual journeys that led them to the work they do today.  Watch the film series below for their inspiring stories about life, work, family, and the underlying passion that ties it all together.

Emily Henderson

Discover how designer Emily Henderson built a career on her love for beautiful things and why she chooses real, natural wood when working with her clients.

Brian Patrick Flynn

“I didn’t set out to work in interior design. That wasn’t the plan.” Learn how designer Brian Patrick Flynn fell in love with interior design and why he uses wood in his projects.

Jeff Devlin

Carpenter Jeff Devlin started building bird houses for his local craft fair. Learn how his passion for building with wood evolved into a full-time labor of love.

Mark Clement

Licensed contractor Mark Clement talks about how he found his calling to create. “If I’m meant to do anything in this world, it’s to make things. It’s to build and make not just shelter, but home.”