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Wood Wise: Building Planet- and People-Friendly Homes

From easing the strain on your wallet to going a little easier on Mother Nature, building with wood has several benefits for you and the environment. Check out this series of short films that highlight some of the key reasons you should consider choosing wood for your next project.

What the Deck? How Wood Stacks Up Against Composites

If you’re trying to decide between a wood deck or a composite deck for your home, here are a few things to consider before making an investment.

Happy Deck, Healthy Planet

You care about your deck AND the planet; wood’s got you covered. There’s no substitute for real.

Choosing a Contractor

Finding the right contractor is an important step for any project. We have some handy tips to help you get started.

Wood Wise: Building Planet- and People-Friendly Homes

Wood is a cost-effective structural material that’s easy to build with and familiar to DIYers, builders and contractors. So it’s ideal to create the enclosure for an energy efficient home.

Wood: The Go-To Choice for Your Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor projects on your wish list? Choosing softwood lumber for your outdoor oasis is a great first step.